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What we do:



Our projects traverse some of the central issues facing African and Latin America cities including public space, mobility, informality, and food systems.


We work to:

  • Test and implement neighbourhood level urban initiatives, driving dynamic initiatives across the urban landscape.

  • Use storytelling to build compelling narratives on the issues that matter most for publication in a range of media. 

  • Connect the Global South by bringing together people, governments, organizations, and businesses from different cities in Latin America and Africa to learn, engage, share, and build. We do this primarily through physical and virtual exchanges, study visits, and writing exchanges. 



We offer consulting services to a range of organizations, foundations, institutions, and businesses at both local and international levels: 

Project design and management

  • Conceptualisation, implementation, documentation, and review

  • Concept testing

  • Engagement with partners

  • Workshops and facilitation

  • Logistics

Policy work

  • Policy analysis and reviews

  • Comparative analysis

  • Policy proposals

  • Engagement with policy makers

Networks and relationship building​

  • Database management

  • Stakeholder engagement, strengthening, and connecting

  • Building and managing networks

  • Webinars and connecting virtually

Research and writing

  • Accessible and strategic research

  • Reports and case studies

  • Story-telling

  • Market assessments 

  • Community-generated evidence



  • Strategic accompaniment and development

  • Strategy testing

  • Advice

  • Strategic reviews and reorientations

Our Approach

Our experience has taught us the value of local, concrete work that is welcoming to complexity and learns from comparable contexts.

Countries and regions in the Global South, particularly Africa and Latin America, remain disconnected.


Many urban strategies and projects tend to be dominated by ideas generated outside of these contexts.

Acknowledging, and even embracing, the complex realities of our cities allows us to build on what we already have in our cities in meaningful and creative ways.


We likewise see the value and opportunity of global exchange and encourage engagement with parallels across regions such as Latin America and Africa.

Working in flexible and reflective ways, we're always up for a new area or challenge.

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