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Public Space Activation

Local South works with City Improvement Districts (CIDs), businesses, and other stakeholders to make public space come alive.

City Improvement Districts (CIDs), for example, play an important role in neighbourhoods across Cape Town. While services such as cleaning and security are central, CIDs are increasingly under pressure to improve public spaces to create more welcoming, safe, and liveable neighbourhoods. 

This is where we come in.





There are many ways to activate public space. The point is to find the ones that most effectively encourage the regular use of that space. Typically, interventions can include:


  • Light touch or temporary installations.

  • Programming, such as street experiments, markets, or events.

  • Small-scale infrastructure, for example, benches, parklets, or greening.

  • Long-term mobility or infrastructural plans or changes.


What we offer


From highly localised or small-scale tests, to longer-term plans and changes to public spaces, Local South works to:


  1. Conceptualise, design, and implement a full range of public space activations. 

  2. Run stakeholder engagement where needed.

  3. Help navigate local government processes.

  4. Develop communications and visual content to build support for new initiatives. 

  5. Broker partnerships and new collaborations.


Let's talk!

Contact us to find out more and to discuss how we can work together to create dynamic public spaces in your neighbourhood.

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