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Below are some examples of our work, as well as a collection of pieces profiling us.



Stories on Road Safety in African Cities: ACRoS

We wrote & designed a series of stories about road safety for the Global Alliance of Cities for Road Safety (ACRoS). They have just launched their website (which we developed!) and the stories are up.

Global Alliance of Cities for Road Safety

We worked with UN-Habitat to design and coordinate the Cape Town 2024 Alliance of Cities for Road Safety (ACRoS) exchange. With delegates from a range of African and Middle Eastern cities, ACRoS is a one-stop shop for cities to engage in capacity building, receive technical advice, implement catalytic action and benefit from city-to-
city exchange.

City Business Climate Alliance

We worked with the C40 Cities team on its City Business Climate Alliance workshops in the lead up to the Africa's Green Economy Summit.

It was a great opportunity to see how the Public-Private Collaboration guide we worked on in 2023 is put into practice and can support cities to better engage their business communities to advance climate action.

Saldanha and Santa Marta: stories of the just transition in the Global South

We did a deep dive into issues of the Just Transition in the Global South, always with an eye on the crucial role local players, industries and knowledge play. This is a three-part series looking at Saldanha and a port city in Colombia that we did in collaboration with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Southern Africa.

Bicycle Activation Langa

With the Langa Bicycle Hub and as part of the HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council)'s 'democracy @30' programme we collaborated on a bicycle activation in Langa. We created another Local South pop-up 'ideas box' to invite people to share their thoughts on public space, cycling and more!

Global South Public Space Platform

We built this platform through a collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Southern Africa. It offers a space to look across comparable contexts such as South Africa and Colombia, for ideas, exploration, and inspiration.


Local South Profile in Remarkable Women in Transport

Women Mobilize Women

Local South was profiled in the latest edition of Remarkable Women in Transport, published by GIZ and the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI).

Joyful streets: with Marcela Guerrero Casas


Interview for Bicycles Transform Cities, Cities Transform the World (BYCS).

Marcela Guerrero Casas: Cycling to open Cape Town’s streets

Daily Maverick

Profile of Marcela by the Daily Maverick

Activism and the Pandemic – 10 Global Perspectives

Social Change Initiative

SCI reached out to 10 social change activists around the world to ask them to share their reflections and experience. Interview with Dustin.

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